some important things to know about our zoo:

1. Hand sanitizing station is included free of charge.

2. Proof of insurance is provided free upon request. Additional insured endorsements are available for an additional fee.

3. We take care of all cleanup and disposal of our animals' "materials."

4. We always try to take up as little of your resources as possible, and bring our own hay, bedding, and water. This not only helps you, but much of it helps our animals as well, by not changing the things they are familiar with while away from home.

5. Educational signage and fitting decor always accompany our zoo.

6. We follow several guidelines for safety in petting zoos to keep you and your guests safe.

7. Our zoo can be set up in an area as small as 15' x 25' however, we prefer to have an area around 30' x 35'. This better allows us to be able to make the Shaggy Mountain Farm experience as enjoyable as possible for your guests.

8. Parking for our truck and trailer must be relatively close to our zoo (while at your event), be secured prior to our arrival, and have unobstructed access. We require being able to unload within a reasonable distance of the zoo location.

9. Knowledgeable staff will always accompany our zoo and will remain on location to run the zoo at all times.

10. Access to an electrical outlet within 100' is preferred. If electric is needed and is unavailable, we may have to run our generator.

11. Cancellation fees may apply.

12. Please ask questions! We always try to keep an open dialogue with our clients.